Ayahuasca-Wasi Retreats

The Ayahuasca-Wasi team has extensive experience in the use of Ayahuasca for awakening and healing purposes.

In the 7-day Ayahuasca Retreat, we offer a stimulating, responsible and safe experience based on the Ritual Ceremony of Ayahuasca. The retreat is for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal quest for expanded awareness.

During the seven day retreat, we will have three (3) Ayahuasca ceremonies in a sacred ritual context held in a harmonic environment for profound self exploration and personal integration.

Upcoming Retreats

May 19 – 25, 2015
Jun 16 – 22, 2015
Jul 07 – 13, 2015
Oct 13 – 19, 2015
Nov 03 – 09, 2015
Dec 08 – 14, 2015

Upcoming Events & Ceremonies

Sun, May 17 – Sweat Lodge Ceremony – lead by Tika Qantu @ Maha Templo
Mon, May 18 – Ayahuasca Ceremony – lead by Jean Piel @ Melissa Wasi
Wed, May 20 – Kambô Ceremony – lead by Fakir
Sun, May 24 – Sweat Lodge Ceremony – lead by Tika Qantu @ Maha Templo
Mon, May 25 – Ayahuasca Ceremony – lead by Jean Piel @ Maha Templo
Mon, May 25 – San Pedro Ceremony – lead by Fakir
Wed, May 27 – Kambô Ceremony – lead by Fakir
Wed, May 27 – Humpi Wasi (Sauna) @ Melissa Wasi (4pm)
Fri, May 29 – Ayahuasca Ceremony – lead by Diego Palma @ Maha Templo
Sun, May 31 – Sweat Lodge Ceremony – lead by Tika Qantu @ Maha Templo
Mon, Jun 01 – San Pedro Ceremony – lead by Fakir (Apu Ausangate Journey)
Tue, Jun 02 – Full Moon Aya Ceremony – lead by Diego Palma @ Maha Templo
Wed, Jun 03 – Humpi Wasi (Sauna) @ Melissa Wasi (4pm)

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Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Come join us in a magical night of awakening, healing and celebration. We hold two Ayahuasca ceremonies every week with seekers from all around the world and the local translucent community in Pisaq. Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are for those people who seek a responsible way of elevating their self awareness and consciousness.

San Pedro cactus ceremony in Ayahuasca-Wasi, Cusco, Pisaq

San Pedro Ceremonies

Schedule a ceremony with one of the most contemplative and heart healing medicine plants in the andes of South America.

Maha templo Full Moon Ceremony

Come join us in the Full Moon Ayahuasca Ceremony with the Sacred Valley Tribe. It is a beautiful opportunity to come together celebrate with the translucent community and reinforce our intentions of healing, awakening, sharing and gratitude for what the medicine plants and the sacred mountains around us are sharing with us.

Kambo in Pisaq - sacredvalleytribe

Kambô therapy

Schedule a Kambô therapy, used by the tribes of the Amazon that will help you boost your immune system and sharpen your senses.

sweat lodge - sacred valley tribe

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The Sweat Lodge is a beautiful opportunity to gather in the womb of Pachamama: praying, singing, giving thanks for life, cleaning our bodies, minds and spirits, opening the heart to receive the blessings of the seven directions and all our ancestors. By making this connection we open ourselves to divine healing.


Medicine Songs

The most complete collection of medicine songs, mantras and icaros recorded in twelve years of circle ceremonies around the world.

Medicine Songs Samples

Cleanse & Detox - ayahuasca-wasi - sacredvalleytribe

Cleanse & Detox Retreats

Experience a cleansing of the body, mind & soul by attending one of Pisac’s much talked about cleansing and detox retreats.

Translucent teachings - ayahuasca-wasi - sacredvalleytribe

Articles & Teachings

Articles and teachings from the translucent community and awakened teachers from all paths and directions.

Ayahuasca-Wasi videos - sacredvalleytribe

Pisaq Tribe (Photos & Video)

Enjoy some beautiful videos of the Sacred Valley and the vision of a healing community living in harmony with Pachamama.

Think for Yourself What is true

Open your eyes

Humpi Wasi (Sauna)

Come join us every Wednesday for a nuturing hot sauna experience at Melissa Wasi.

Body work - Sacredvalleytribe - ayahuasca-wasi

Body & Energy Work

Schedule a session with one of the body work & energy healing therapies in the community.

Pisaq-map - ayahuasca-wasi - sacredvalleytribe

Pisaq Map (Locations)

Pisaq map, accommodation, restaurants, stores and centers around de Pisaq area.

sacredvalleytribe - ayahuasca-wasi

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