– quoting Jed McKenna –

Untruth unrealization

For reasons of accuracy, I sometimes exchange the term spiritual enlightenment for the term truth-realization, and even the term untruth-unrealization. The last is the least misleading because one does not realize truth. You want truth? Consciousness is Truth and you are Consciousness. That’s it. Congrats. Rather, one undergoes the long self-peeling process of unknowing what is untrue – everything except I Am.

I draw this distinction because realization is the false promise many are making; that enlightenment, for instance, is a realization, and that all you have to do is listen and learn and perform practices and try really hard and be really patient and you will have this wonderful realization and be really enlightened.

Awakening isn’t a theory, it’s a journey. You don’t arrive in the Consciousness model by convincing yourself that you’re already there, but by destroying every shred of the illusion that you’re not.

Anyone who wants to take an honest look at their circumstances must deal with the fact that nothing more than I-Am/Consciousness can ever be known. In fact, you can’t know Consciousness directly until you unknow everything in the way of it.

Untruth-unrealization is the more accurate term, and why there’s no such thing as an enlightened being.

Enlightenment is freedom from falsehood. Untruth unrealization is the process of unknowing what is untrue, leaving only the truth in its place. One dismantles one’s fictional persona by peeling away the built-up layers of false identity until all that’s left is that which can’t be severed, destroyed or further reduced; truth, I-Am/Consciousness. Just as truth is ultimately simple, so is I-Am/Consciousness. Easy to understand and no loose ends.

Dreamstate paradigm is based on false assumptions and consensus reality

The reason that finding answers is difficult is not because they’re so well hidden or intrinsically mysterious, but because we begin with false assumptions and head out in the wrong direction to search for things that were never hidden or mysterious at all.

Unchallenged assumptions are the key to understanding how timeless mysteries are kept mysterious when competent intellects go in search of them.

For instance, consensus reality supports our beliefs. We never look because we never doubt, and we never doubt because we are full of unchallenged assumptions, we accept appearances and ride on the tide of consensus. No amount of skepticism could ever be too extreme. Truth doesn’t need your devotion. It need you to open up your eyes.