– quoting Jed McKenna –

Awakening is the process of deprogramming.
Enlightenment is the unprogrammed state.

Autolysis means the self pealing of layers of untruth into the purifying digestive fires. It could be an unpleasant process. All you have to do is write the truth, and keep writing until you’ve come up with something that is true.

It doesn’t matter where you start. You could start by using Ramana Maharshi’s query, “Who am I?” or “What is me?” and then just work at it. Write and rewrite. Make it cleaner and cut out the excess of ego and follow it wherever it leads until you’re done.

This is not a diary about self exploration or feelings and insights. It’s not about personal or spiritual evolution. This is about what you know for sure, about what you are that is true. With this process you tear away layer after layer of untruth masquerading as truth. Writing it out allows you to act as your own teacher, your own critic, your own opponent.

Spiritual Autolysis -trying to write something true and keeping at it until you do- is the best possible way of identifying and eradicating our falseness because the process of writing minimizes the weaknesses and maximizes the strengths of the intellect. Nothing false can survive illumination by a steady and focused mind.

For instance, Ramana Maharshi prescribe the use of the inquiry “Who am I?” to be used relentlessly as a tool for drilling down through all the layers of ego and delusion.  “Who am I?” That is the question. That’s the question at our very center.

Five words: Ask yourself “Who am I?” Five words that need no explanation, no amplification, no elucidation. But a complete spiritual teaching that fits on a matchbox cover is not what anyone really wants, self-reliance is not what anyone really wants.

There is only one koan and it’s the same for all of us: What is true?

Truth realization is a deconstruction process

Self-realization isn’t about more, it’s about less.
The only construction required for awakening is that which facilitates demolition.

Truth-Realization is not a seeking process. It’s a deconstruction process of all what is un-true. All what is not. Nothing remains stand. This is not a self development journey at all. This is the First Step. It’s not the realization of what is, but of what’s not. It’s the grand disillusionment.

(not this, not that)

In the seeing of who you are not, 
the reality of who you are emerges by itself. 
– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj –