– quoting Bashar –

Find out what are you scared of. That’s how you know where to go. Follow the fear. Go into it and light it up. Inside your fear is your next door, the next thing holding you in. Let fear be your guide.

Jed McKenna

The mechanism of fear

All fears are a reaction to something you believe to be true about a circumstance or situation. If you were to treat fear like an old friend, you would get more out of it. Fear is your natural true vibration filtered through a belief system that is out of tune with with your natural state, your core vibration.

In your natural state your energy vibrates at a certain pitch. The highest pitch could be felt as unconditional love, excitement, creativity, joy, happiness… That’s your energy operating on a frequency level that represents your natural state.

Your personality, your self, your ego is constructed of what you call definitions or beliefs. If you definitions of life and reality are in harmony with your natural vibrational state you will experience the circumstances in your life in a joyful creative loving way. If you buy on beliefs that are out of alignment with your natural state, then when you flow your energy through those beliefs you will experience the same energy as the sensation you call fear and anxiety. Fear and excitement are the same energy… you experience them differently because of what you filter them through.

Fear is there to tell you that you have a belief that is out of alignment with your natural state. We can used the analogy of a piano. If you are sitting down at the piano and you are playing a song and all at the sudden you hit a sour key, a flat note, you do not usually run away from the piano screaming in terror and swearing you will never play it again. Usually you say “Ah, this is out of tune, I must tune that particular key.” And this is what fear is, it is like a sour key, a flat key, a out of tune key, it must be tuned. The definition must be tuned and bring it back into harmony with the rest of your keys.

Therefore feeling the fear is just a self correcting mechanism to let you know and awaken you to the fact that you have definitions in your consciousness that are out of alignment. That is how you use fear, fear is just a messenger knocking on your door: “Pay attention to this… this is something you want to know about yourself, this is something you need to know to integrate within yourself, to become more of who you are”.

So, pay attention to the fear… don’t ignore it… feel it, dive into the fear, let it wash through you… feel all the sensations that go along with it and then let your fear ignite you… ignite your burning curiosity, “What could this possibly mean… what definition would I have to believe in in order to experience my own energy in this way, what could it be, I wonder? Then, explore… find out what you believe, find out what kind of definitions you have about reality, and rewrite them… reinvent them… redefine them, be creative, use your imagination… that’s what it’s for.

Give thank’s to fear to point you where you need to focus your attention. The fear would not hang around once it delivers the message of bringing your attention to what need to know about. So, don’t blame fear, don’t push it away. It will return and blow your house until it complete the job of bringing your attention to the believe system that is out of alignment. Be friend with fear and use it for the job it was design to do. Let fear be your guide.

Bashar – What is Fear – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC9JGFn5ngY