– quoting Bashar –

If you give something a negative thought, take a step back and say “What would I have to believe is true in order to react to this in this way?

It’s a simple question, if you react in a negative way, if you give something a negative meaning, all you have to do is take a step back and say “What would I have to believe is true in order to react to this in this way? What would I prefer to believe is true? And then respond that way. Many times, the second you identify a belief, it’s gone. It’s gone, no other process is required. Many times, just turning on the light is what makes the shadow disappear.

But you have to allow yourself to investigate, and the easiest question is “What would I have to believe is true about my relationship to this thing, that I would react to it in a negative way?” Find out what that belief is, find out where it came from, find out if it serves you any longer, if it doesn’t there is no reason to keep carrying it because very often these beliefs are just baggage you are carrying that belongs to someone else… drop it.

Identifying beliefs and transforming them.

Ask yourself, “What kind of belief would I have to have about this circumstance in order to experience it in a fearful way?”, then ask yourselves, “Is this what I prefer to believe?”, “Is there another belief I would prefer to have?” Once you identify a belief… it’s gone. When you name it, you own it, it’s cancelled. Once you identify it, it’s gone. Once you create another definition, that’s in force, and not the old one. Because you can not have a feeling about anything if you don’t have a definition of that thing first. 

Questioning inhered beliefs

Go back to the blueprint, find the definition that doesn’t work for you, find out where you first bought into that definition.

Most of you inhered a believe system from your parents, when you were growing up. This was based on what they believed to be true and imparted unto you telepathically, from before birth. By the time you are approximately three, you were usually very rigidly locked into their belief system structure, because you know you had to accept their beliefs in order to survive, because you recognized, “Oops… these are the people that are going to take care of me, I’d better tow the line and find out what they believe in, otherwise, they’re not going to support me, so I will open up like the little innocent flower that I am and swallow every single thing they feed me.

So, the idea is, with no blame but unconditional love, to recognize that they did the best they could with the belief system and definitions they were spoon-fed. The idea is now to understand that you have a choice, you have come to a point where you can realize that you can break the chain, you can allow yourself the opportunity to realize it is the product of your definition, and you can change that definition, you can change your childhood… literally, you can change the past… literally.

Everything stems from the present, you can thus re-create yourself quite literally into a new persona, a new being, and allow the reflection of reality to be presented to that new person, that is representative of who it is you decide in this moment to be with your new definition. It’s really, again… just as simple as that.

But you have to go about doing it, and it starts with redefining all the things that you were taught to define, re-examining, looking at everything and saying, “Does this definition work for me or what would I prefer as a new definition of this situation, negative… positive… what do I prefer?”