– quoting Jed McKenna –

The process of de-identification is good simply because it’s honest. Ultimately, that’s all we’re talking about; living an honest life. Being honest.

If you want to be more true, then the way to do that is by becoming less false. Go inside yourself with the spotlight of discrimination, and illuminate what you are holding to be true. Illumination destroys it. Beliefs disappear when you really look at them because they never had real substance, they were only imagined.

The most useful piece of learning for the uses
of life is to unlearn what is true
– Antisthenes –

Its important to have a strong intention for truth. Do you feel authentic? The authenticity of how you present yourself? Is there something false an illusory in its core foundation?

All of life reduces to the projection of the false and the denial of the true. The false must be constantly asserted, like a leaky balloon that we have to keep blowing into. But what if we stop blowing into it? It just requires honesty.

Awakening is ultimately about clear seeing; clear seeing what is, which is what we do when we stop seeing what’s not.

Adyashanti wrote that the indispensable qualities of the process of awakening are sincerity, one-pointedness, and courage. Sincerity refers to the importance of being rooted in the qualities of honesty, authenticity, and genuineness.

When inquiry is authentic, it brings you into the experience of here and now, bringing you to the full depth of it, pulling you into it. The question pulls you back into the mystery of your experience. “What am I?” takes you right back into the mystery. If your mind is honest, it knows it doesn’t have the answer. You ask, “What am I?” and instantly, there is silence. Your mind doesn’t know. And when it doesn’t know, there is an experience right here, right now, that is alive. You bump into nothingness inside—that no-thing, that absolute nothingness which your mind can’t know.

The answer does not come in the form of a description or phrase; it is a direct experience. And this experience, your livingness, always transcends any words or intellectual answer.