– quoting Jed McKenna –

If I were to reduce my teachings to their essence, I would say it all comes down to nothing more than this: Think for yourself and figure what’s true. That’s it. Ask yourself what’s true until you know. Everything else I have to say on the subject, turns on that center.

Think for yourself. That’s the golden rule. That’s all you need to know to awaken. Sit down, and ask yourself what’s true until you know. That’s it. That’s the whole deal -a complete teaching of enlightenment, a complete practice. If you have any question or problem -no matter what question or problem is- the answer is always the same: Sit down, and ask yourself what’s true until you know. That is the only spiritual teaching.

Ego’s greatest vulnerability is that it has no mass, no substance. There is not it, and all you have to do to see that for yourself is look for yourself. Its greatest strength is that looking for yourself is the last thing anyone really wants to do.

Self reliance

So, how do we break free? The solution to a problem does not exist at the level of the problem. Rise above the level at which confusion and mediocrity exist. Think for yourself. Look for yourself. See the big picture. Life is one-man show. See for yourself, directly, without the obstruction and distorting filters of interpreters or middlemen.

Open your eyes. Look. Nourish your discontent. At the moment, as humankind, we are living our worst case scenario. So don’t rely on the beliefs that we see around as the norm. Cultivate a skeptic mind and approach. Start fresh. Think for yourself. Trust in self reliance.

So, to put it in a capsule: Think for yourself and figure out what’s true. You do that through a process of elimination, by figuring out what’s not true. That’s the master key; follow the truth. You’re completely on your own. So forget concept, forget philosophy, forget spirituality, forget what anyone else says.

Just think for yourself and figure out what’s true.