– quoting Jed McKenna –

The first step is to go for the truth. Self inquire… what is true about who I am? Tear away layer after layer. Ask yourself what’s true until you know. Neti Neti. Think for yourself. Don’t follow. Stay with the question. Everything is available for direct knowing.

Stay with the question, don’t look for the answer. Dissolve the question by making it irrelevant, absurd. Verify your assumptions underneath your questions. Proceed on the hypothesis that everything you are is a lie and everything you know is false and try to disprove it.

You have to become completely disillusioned, then the truth begins to express itself in its own way. I have discovered that is useless to try to discover the truth. The search for truth is absurd, because it’s a thing which you cannot capture, or give expression to. You have to become less false by illuminating what is not true and let the truth to reveal itself, what remains is the unspeakable truth. So, instead of seeking for the truth, you illuminate what is not, what belief you are holding to be true.

All opinions you have of yourself are like the timbers of a false structure. All must go. All will go. Once you take the First Step, the less you resist, the easier it will be. So, the only process is self inquire of what is not true. See it for yourself.

You have serious work to do and the only reason you look into spirituality is to avoid it. The ego is seeking to divert attention away from the real issue. Use the process of Spiritual Autolysis and try to figure out what’s true. Everything else is about being turned away.

I know many people spend many years in meditation and spiritual practice without achieving full awakening, and I know that they think it’s because they haven’t crossed the finish line yet, but it’s actually because they haven’t crossed the starting line yet: The First Step.

You can play a spiritual role and meditate and renounce and be selfless and earn merit and burn karma year after year, lifetime after lifetime, and still not take that First Step. Until you have taken the First Step it’s all academic.

Spirituality itself is just another tool of denial, the most effective of them all, and that’s why the search for truth is the greatest failure in the history of man. The First Step is the true starting point of the whole process. Once the First Step is taken, the rest of the journey is sure to follow.

Intelligence and knowledge are not required. It all really comes back to intent. If intent is in place, everything is in place. If the intent is not in place, no amount of intelligence will make any difference. Logic is the tool of the mind, the sword, and desire, intent is the tool of the heart.

Truth realization doesn’t require anything but purity of intent.