– quoting Jed McKenna –

Spiritual awakening is about discovering what’s true. Anything that’s not about getting to the truth must be discarded. Truth isn’t about knowing things -you already know too much. It’s about un-knowing. It’s not about becoming true, it’s about un-becoming false so that all that’s left is truth. If you want to become something then there’s a lot to learn -tons and tons. But if you want to figure out what’s true, then it’s a whole different process and the last thing you need is more knowledge.

It doesn’t require knowledge to awaken any more than it requires knowledge to obey the law of gravity. You could spend a thousand years with your nose in books or at the feet of masters and still be no closer to waking up from delusion. The fact is that no amount or combination of knowledge can bring about truth-realization. Waking up is not a theoretical subject one masters through study and comprehension.

Is there any path to Enlightenment?

If you are looking for the truth, then any path or collection of paths are of any practical value. All this path business is just another case of the blind leading the blind -caterpillars teaching caterpillars how to become butterflies. Hands pointing to other hands instead of the moon.

They are saying you should look where the finger’s pointing, not at the finger itself. Don’t mistake the finger for the moon. Much of the teachings you will read in your life is a finger pointing at the finger pointing at the moon rather than at the moon. Keep that in mind.

An awakened person might, on rare occasion, become a spiritual leader. But when they do, it’s never to enlightenment that they lead. How do I know? I know that no spiritual teacher leads to enlightenment because there is no leading to enlightenment. There is no teaching of enlightenment. Look around, everyone’s grooving on the gurus and everyone’s getting more and more spiritual, but nobody’s waking up.

Is there outside authority?

In the process of waking yourself up, you quickly realize that there’s no outside authority. You have to verify everything yourself. If you adopt something someone said, it’s only after you have verified it for yourself. If Jesus, Buddha, or Lao-Tzu made it, you can make it.

In order to awaken you need to kill what is in between. Kill the intercessor. Kill the teacher. Kill the Buddha. You have eyes, you have a brain, do the math, look for yourself. This isn’t one way, it’s the only way. That’s why I’ve taken measures to make sure no one bring their personal savior to put in between themselves and reality. We want to maintain the illusion that we are not completely alone on an infinite sea but, of course, that’s exactly what we are. And there ain’t no we about it. You are on your own.