– quoting Jed McKenna –

What is tradition?

Tradition is just a word for stuff you accept as true without verifying it for yourself. Tradition is the deeply rutted path that gets formed after many years of being followed by the herd. Tradition teach us conformity and stagnation.

The uncritical acceptance typical of the herd mentality is the soil in which all false beliefs take root. Instead of self-reliance and self-determination, most people just buy a package deal; no thinking required.

The herd

Standard religions, traditions and belief systems are the shepherds of Maya. Keeping the sheep in the fold, away from the cliffs, keeping the herd together and heading slowly nowhere in an orderly manner. Whether we believe in something or believe we don’t believe in anything makes no difference. All beliefs are the same belief. There is only the herd.

There are always those who aren’t content within the herd and seek something more than mindless plodding and grazing and humping. They peel themselves away and form sub-herds that travel apart but alongside, independent in belief and appearance only. Running apart from the herd is certainly better than running with it, but of no substantive difference if you’re still running in the same direction.

There are also the occasional stragglers and strays, but the trick to keeping loose stock with the herd, the good shepherd knows, is to let them stray. They won’t go far. Where would they go? There is only Maya, the dreamstate.

Every once in a while a single beast does leave the herd. Never a group or even a pair. Where there’s more than one, there’s the herd. They only go when they must go, one a a time. And where do they go? Over the edge, of course. Where else? There are only two choices; the herd or over the edge.

Do not believe on the strength of traditions even if they have been held in honor for many generations and in many places; do not believe anything because many people speak of it; do not believe on the strength of sages of old times.

It’s self-verified or fail, simply as that. Forget tradition. Start fresh, you’ll have much better time of it. Start your own tradition. For sure you can dismiss centuries of it. In fact, you have to, or else you’ll end up right where everyone always end up. You are on your own.