– quoting Jed McKenna –

To overcome common sense, religion use the combination of two logical impossibilities: Self-Supporting Structure and Magic Structure.

Self-Supporting Structure is where the foundation hangs from the structure it supports. You can say, for instance, that you know that God exists because the Bible says so, and the Bible must be right because it’s the word of God. That’s the circular reasoning fallacy; every chicken came from an egg and every egg came from a chicken. And so on. Forever.

Magic Structure is when we say fuck it, we all see the stupid chicken, it obviously came from somewhere, so let’s just say there’s a Miracle Egg and leave it at that. That’s the axiomatic fallacy, where we insist on a magical foundation – God, the Big Bang – and move on.

Unless you can completely ignore the question of being, like my dog does, you have to settle for one of them and then employ doublethink to forget the fact that everything you know is based on a lie.

Monotheistic religions are based on the belief in One Almighty God. As they can’t survive on their own merit, their time-tested strategy is to abandon common sense. They doesn’t make sense, but they doesn’t have to, that’s the magic part. Religions don’t have to stand on their own merit because they’re supported by the emotional reinforcement of millions of needy believers.

If you live in such a fantasy alone, you’re mentally ill, if you live there with a small group, you’re a brainwashed cultmember, and if you live there with a large group, you’re respectably religious.

Crazy is a numbers game.
Like if enough people do it,
then it’s not crazy anymore.

The fear behind Christianity

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all about keeping God happy so he keeps us happy. Man has created God out of fear. What is Christianity but a protection trip. The son, our blessed savior, saving from what? From his father threatening on burning us alive forever. What kind of twisted thing this stuff up? Most people stop developing at a very early age. I saw that the majority of adults has stopped believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, but really hadn’t gone much further than that.

Is god a personification of the absolute or a god of Love?

We have always been told that God is a god of love. That’s a narrow and limited definition of God.  A god of love and goodness would be merely a single aspect of a god who is defined as absolute.

So if your god is the personification of the absolute, but due to your own delicate sensibilities, if you leave child molester or genocide maniac or puppy kicker out of him, then you’ve redefine him as something finite and we must come up with a new name for the absolute.

God as a separate entity 

Martin Buber, a Jewish philosopher point said that there were not one, but two realities in the Universe: God and God’s creation. By their very nature, Buber argued, these two realities could never be one and the same. No part of God’s creation could become God. And while we -part of God’s creation- could have a relationship with God, we could come no closer to Him. I and Thou, could never become I am Thou.