– quoting Jed McKenna –

Nothing is sacred, or holy or divine; only true or not true. All that you consider sacred and profound is against the process of awakening.

Take your inquiry seriously and hold nothing sacred. Holding nothing sacred means that nothing is assumed to be true and all of your assumptions are fair game. The more spiritual they are, the more they are fair game. Ultimately it is your most sacred and unquestioned assumptions about yourself, others, and life that are most important to question.

If you hold something sacred or as some sort of divine, unimpeachable authority, you’ll be making the only real mistake you can. Stopping. It’s all about moving forward.

We are not denying the great and useful teachings at the core of major religions, but realistically, the useful stuff is tangled up with too much useless stuff. Hand pointing to other hands instead than pointing to the moon.

What is faith? 

Faith is just another face of fear. It is a defensive mechanism of the frightened heart trying to overrule over the doubting mind. Fear overshadows reason and give rise to faith. And let’s be honest; this is not a faith and trust business, this is a self-verification business.

Some people have found a personal savior, but the trick with saviors is not to look too closely. Even the best long-term solution you can imagine, whatever you call heaven, starts to sound pretty dumb if you think about it for, like, two minutes. The trick is to not think about stuff, to not look for ourselves, to not see the obvious, but we can’t trick ourselves forever.

And please, don’t bring dead guys like potent allies. It doesn’t help you. They can’t put up a fight. If you can’t make the argument, you can’t invite the dead to make it for you. You can’t borrow authority for someone who is incontestable not by merit, but by death. Your argument is unassailable because the person making it is unavailable.