– quoting Bashar –

Many times, you have been unconsciously trained and taught to only base your behavior on the things that happen to you. “I will be happy if… I will be happy when… I will be happy if this happens… I will be happy when you do this for me… “

If you stop doing because of waiting for an expectation… the universe, the mirror will do the same.

Outflow determines inflow.
You cannot received what you don’t give.

The law that outflow determines inflow is expressed by Jesus in this powerful image: “Give and it will be given to you.”

If you see the refection frowning, you don’t walk over to the mirror and try to force the reflection to smile. When you want to see the reflection smile you know what you have to do, ‘You’ have to smile first. But if you wait for the reflection to smile first, you will be frowning for the rest of your lives.

All of the difficulty, the complications and suffering we experience in our society has been from your attempt to manipulate the reflection instead of actually changing who you are. That’a all it takes.

Choose to be happy regardless of the reflection

When you choose to be a specific vibration, then the reflection in your physical reality has no choice but to reflect a reality that corresponds to the vibration within you. Because the universal reflecting mirror doesn’t have a mind of it’s own… it can’t contradict you, it is only the reflection of what you put there… and that’s it. The idea to simply understand, is that it is more a matter of “I will be happy because that’s what I want to be!”

However… in order for the principle to really work, you have to be happy with no expectation that you will get a reflection back. That’s how it works. That’s what makes it effortless. That’s what makes it flawless and infinite and beautiful.

It always is your choice to see it positive

The key is to always know that everything that happens in your life CAN be there for a positive reason… It always is your choice. (understanding it or not!!)

So when you decide to choose the meaning of any particular situation as being there for a positive reason, that everything has a positive meaning, then no matter what anyone else’s intention in the scenario may be toward you, you will only experience a positive effect from every single situation and scenario that unfolds in your life.