– quoting Robert Smith –

Who are you really? You are what you hold within you. You are not your past, the past is gone, but you are what you hold about your past, within you. You are what you hold, what you believe to be true, even if it’s not true, it is true for you.

So, if you don’t like what you have in your life, it is because of the beliefs that you hold. The deal is that you can change who you think you are by merely changing the I am projection. And the I am is what you hold. You can be anything because who you are is what you hold.

So look at what you’re holding and let it go what is not so good. Because your true essence is a dynamic force and it has to have something to play with. You are what you hold about you. What you hold within you is you. What you think, is you. Change the meaning in all areas you don’t like and rewrite your story.

Remember, In order to get something different from what you already have, you must release and let go on what you already hold within you.

How thought and feeling forms the state of being

Every time we have a thought, the brain produces chemicals that signal the body for us to begin to feel exactly the way we are just thinking. In that way, if we are thinking an unhappy thought or negative thought, in a matter of seconds we begin to feel unhappy or negative or unworthy.

At the moment we begin to feel the way we think, we begin to think the way we feel, which then makes more chemicals for us to feel the way we think and think the way we feel, and this cycle of feeling and thinking and thinking and feeling creates what is called the “state of being”.

Dr. Joe Dispenza (Neuro-Scientist)