Physical reality is a reflexion – Bashar
The experience that you call physical reality is literally nothing but a mirror. Nothing has built-in meaning. The meaning you choose to give to any given situation will determine the effect you get from.

Belief is the first cause of manifestation – Bashar
Any feeling, any thought, any behavior comes from how you define it, how you believe it to be true.

Manifestation is automatic – Bashar
Difficulty is not the preview of creation, manifestation is automatic, it’s immediate, you always believe something to be true.

Outflow determines inflow – Bashar
If you wait for the reflection to smile first, you will be frowning for the rest of your lives. Choose to be happy regardless of the reflection.

You are what you believe to be true – Robert Smith
What you hold within you is ‘You’.

Dissolving the belief that I am this story – John Sherman
All problems things arise only from a false belief that ‘I am this story’.