– quoting Tyohar –

Meaninglessness is the door to the divine. Since there is no true meaning, being meaningless is at least being honest about. The work we are doing here is deconstructing, unbecoming, deconstructing the need to achieve something, the tendency to create a fictional persona, the need to become, the need to achieve.

Let life be colorless. Let it be meaningless. There is no need to be afraid of it. Nobody could tell you the meaning. It is a beautiful blank canvas. Is up to you to put a meaning or keep it colorless. Rather of being afraid of this colorlessness, and force some color into it, and inject some color and meaning into your life… maybe there is no need for that. Maybe you don’t need to decide the meaning of your life. It is so vast and so complete when it comes from the divine.

There is no need to know something that you can’t know. Remember, life is a bridge between birth and death. Let the mystery take over, God is the unknown. And, when it can enter? Only when you are open, when you are available, when you are ready to be taken by the unknown. Not when you are afraid of it.

And when finally you tap into the meaninglessness, this colorlessness is not a problem that need to be fixed. Be there. Stay in the unborn of the unknown. Is not even something that need to be define. It is, it has no meaning. Just let it pass through you every moment. What is the reason to be in this body. And when you don’t find the reason… be without it. Is beautiful.

Somebody ask Osho, what is the meaning of life? He said, well, the meaning of life is life itself. Let this void be there, it is a door into the divine. You don’t know why. And when finally you are not busy with the why, you can put yourself into the how.

Trust in the suchness, let it be there, you are the consciousness in the center, the “I am” point of awareness, without qualities or preferences. The undefined witness. Let it be, let it happen, there is no need to control it.

When it is passing through we realize our hollowness. And we become consciously hollow. We start recognizing the no-self quality within.

“What is the meaning of life? There is no meaning. Everything we do, every identity we create in life, is in fear of the fact that our lifetime has no meaning. Fear that nothing really matters and living is futile. But as you come to terms with this necessary truth, you truly can take an existential view and live every moment as you please, in gratitude and choose whatever costume you like.”

– Brad Branson –