– quoting Jed McKenna –

Everything that exists within consciousness is a mirage. Consciousness is true, the contents of consciousness are not.

Existence or consciousness is the only reality. 
Consciousness is the screen on which all the pictures come and go. 
The screen is real, the pictures are mere shadows on it. 
– Ramana Maharshi –

Consciousness is true, but what consciousness is conscious of is not, just as a screen might be solid and the projected images not. The content of consciousness dancing on the screen of mind might be as real and undeniable as your finger, but not true. This is the immutable truth. It’s not theory, guesswork or belief. If you are a conscious entity capable of making the pronouncement I Am, then I-Am/Consciousness is the truth of you and you are capable of knowing this truth directly, and knowing all other knowledge to be baseless and false. It’s not spiritual or religious or scientific or philosophical, it just is. Consciousness is, and there is only consciousness.

Your physical reality is just an illusion but the experience of it is real. That’s all that’s real, it’s your experience of it.  The only thing really in your physical world that is real, is the experience of the reality, not the reality itself.  

 – Bashar –

Everything is false, real and possible in the dreamstate

If you perceive dualistic reality as a dream, then no discrimination is really called for. Where do you draw the line in a dream? It’s all good. You can believe indiscriminately -ghosts, bleeding statues, alien abductions, crop circles… whatever. You can let all that stuff in practically unfiltered because it’s more fun that way and because there is no reason not to. They’re all equal because they’re all untrue. No belief is true. They are all dreamstate apparitions that have no reality or solidity outside the dream.

You are an infinite universe, so what’s not possible for you? What’s not possible in a dream? The dreamstate. What can’t be dreamt? Perception is the only reality, so if you perceive that something is real, then it’s definitively real. There is no other standard by which to judge. Consciousness is the mechanism by which all things are possible.

Take divination, for instance. By what actual mechanism could tea leaves or planetary alignments or chicken gizzards predict the future? In our society, no mechanism could possibly explain such things, so they can’t be possible. In the dreamstate, the mechanism is consciousness, and such things are just as possible as anything else. Now look at any other paranormal or non-ordinary phenomena, and you’ll find that the mystery is unlocked with the same master key. And while we’re at it, we might as well take a fresh look at all the normal and ordinary phenomena we thought we understood, because it all works the same way.

Being awake in the dreamstate, you don’t need to worry about discriminating between what’s real and what’s not. Everything in a dream is equally real, so what is there to discriminate about? You can’t affirm that everything you think is true is true, but can call it real since it’s your reality.

So now that we know that everything is real but nothing is true, the trick is drawing a distinct line between real and true. We can’t accept anything as true except I-Am/Consciousness, but whatever we believe is real, is real.

Drawing a line between what we know and everything else

We all draw a line between what we believe and what we don’t. This line is exactly the same for everyone, and it can never move for anyone. On the known side is I-Am/Consciousness, and on the other side is everything else. This line, between knowledge and belief, is the one and only bottom line of being.

The Universe and the Consciousness paradigm

In the Universe paradigm, the mainstream paradigm, Universe is the superset. Time, space, energy, matter, causality and duality are all subsets; parts, elements, aspects of the universe. Consciousness is also a subset of the universe; my consciousness, your consciousness, innumerable discrete consciousnesses. In short, the Universe paradigm is reality as everyone knows it. It’s so obvious and universally accepted that no one seriously doubts it. Science and mathematics are built upon it.

Consciousness itself is the grand superset and everything else is just appearance within it.

There is only consciousness. Whatever exists is merely appearance within consciousness. There is no universe out there, there is no out there at all, there is only the universe in here. There is only consciousness. Anything that tells you otherwise is a belief, and no belief is true.