– quoting Adyashanti –

The empty nature of Awareness – The natural pure nature of awareness is empty, empty because there is no content. Awareness is not something you can grab a hold of. Awareness is. And yet even though it is there, is so intimate to you that you can’t grasp it. You can’t find it. Awareness just is, is non-local. Not localized somewhere, it just is. This is why we say awareness is empty. It is not in one location as opposed to another location. It is not inside your heart, or behind your head, or under your feet, just awareness is, is universal. And since there is no form to it, it’s empty. One could never observe Awareness just as the eyeball cannot see itself. It’s nature is emptiness.

Self aware quality of Awareness – It’s nature, your nature, is self aware. A quality of lucidity. Awareness is self aware, it knows that it is. It is intelligent in other words. This qualities there are so familiar that people don’t notice them. The mere fact that awareness is self aware is amazing. Nothing else can do that. Only awareness is aware of itself. Only awareness is aware. Nothing else is aware but awareness. And without awareness nothing else is.

The compassionated quality of Awareness – So it is empty, it’s lucid and it also have a tremendous sense of love, compassion, a sense of goodness, well being. That’s why when you come into your true state as awareness, or spirit, there is a sense of well being, a great sense of all is well. Not only for oneself but a well being that builds over, that’s what love is, that’a what compassion is. It is in your nature.