– quoting Adyashanti –

Consciousness is what I am; essence, not attribute. To ask, “Why I am conscious?” is to assume a distinction between self and consciousness, to assume the possibility of one without the other.  Being conscious is not a facet of some larger, independent me, it’s my very me-ness and there is no larger anything. It’s not that I am conscious, it’s that I am Consciousness.

– Jed McKenna –

The only thing is, most people don’t know that they are Consciousness (Awareness). They think consciousness is something that happens to them, or something that they possess or something that they are doing, not something that they actually are. That’s the shift.

And that happens just by giving your attention to consciousness. Giving your attention, not your thoughts, that’s not necessary.  Not trying to figure out what it is, that’s not necessary, just giving your attention.  That’s all you have to do. And then from that attention, with that question, “What am I really?” there comes that shift. You don’t make that shift happen, it just happens and all of a sudden, there’s that realization… Oh this… This consciousness, this awareness, this presence, this stillness is what I am, it’s not something I am looking into or trying to grasp… it’s actually the essence of one’s being, that shift.