Atmanic and Brahmanic Consciousness – Jed McKenna
Atmanic Consciousness is our living reality. Brahmanic Consciousness is our absolute nature, it has no heart, no preference, the attributeless, formless, infinite is.

The Yin-Yang symbol – Jed McKenna
The finite universe of duality and the truth that cannot be expressed. 

The Paradigm Gap – Jed McKenna
Consciousness is beyond opposites. Truth cannot be expressed or captured. We can only talk about ‘What’s not’, not ‘What is’.

Consciousness is not an attribute of self – Adyashanti
Being conscious is not a facet of some larger, independent me, it’s my very me-ness and there is no larger anything above this.

The empty, self aware and compassionated nature of Awareness – Adyashanti
Awareness is not localized, no content of form to it. Awareness is self aware, lucid. Awareness have a sense of well being, harmonic flow.

The names of God – Jed McKenna
The name of God is Truth.