Atmanic and Brahmanic Consciousness – Jed McKenna
Atmanic Consciousness is our living reality. Brahmanic Consciousness is our absolute nature, it has no heart, no preference, the attributeless, formless, infinite is.

The Yin-Yang symbol – Jed McKenna
The finite universe of duality and the truth that cannot be expressed. 

The Paradigm Gap – Jed McKenna
Consciousness is beyond opposites. Truth cannot be expressed or captured. We can only talk about ‘What’s not’, not ‘What is’.

Consciousness is not an attribute of self – Adyashanti
Being conscious is not a facet of some larger, independent me, it’s my very me-ness and there is no larger anything above this.

The empty, self aware and compassionated nature of Awareness – Adyashanti
Awareness is not localized, no content of form to it. Awareness is self aware, lucid. Awareness have a sense of well being, harmonic flow.

The names of God – Jed McKenna
The name of God is Truth.


Physical reality is a reflexion – Bashar
The experience that you call physical reality is literally nothing but a mirror. Nothing has built-in meaning. The meaning you choose to give to any given situation will determine the effect you get from.

Belief is the first cause of manifestation – Bashar
Any feeling, any thought, any behavior comes from how you define it, how you believe it to be true.

Manifestation is automatic – Bashar
Difficulty is not the preview of creation, manifestation is automatic, it’s immediate, you always believe something to be true.

Outflow determines inflow – Bashar
If you wait for the reflection to smile first, you will be frowning for the rest of your lives. Choose to be happy regardless of the reflection.

You are what you believe to be true – Robert Smith
What you hold within you is ‘You’.

Dissolving the belief that I am this story – John Sherman
All problems things arise only from a false belief that ‘I am this story’.


The Dreamstate
There is no difference between dream and the waking state, except that the dream is short and the waking state long. Both are the result of the mind.

To awaken is to become progressively less asleep – Jed McKenna
To awaken is to inquire and seeing what’s really true, and to do what we have to become progressively less asleep.

The detached observer – Jed McKenna
The more you realize the dreamstate nature of reality, you start to develop a sense of detached observer quality. A sense of detachment from the character and the dream.

Dis-Identify from the movie of life – Adi Da
It’s like this: when, in a movie, one suddenly stop suspending your disbelief and realizes it to be a movie, not real-life, one becomes totally equanimous about the contents of the movie.


Life is meaningless – Jed McKenna
Life is meaningless, devoid of any “Built-in” meaning. You are the creator of your own reality, you give it the meaning. The meaning of life is for you to give it a specific definition. 

Facing meaningless – Tyohar
Meaninglessness is the door to the divine. Since there is no true meaning, being meaningless is at least being honest about. Let life be colorless. Let it be meaningless.


Could something be wrong? – Jed McKenna
Wrong is simply not possible. The projection of an expected outcome is what makes the appearance of rightness and wrongness.

Morality and Selfless flowing – Jed McKenna
Right action is the highest degree of morality and it happens when you put yourself out of the way. Right action is not a choice, is what happens when you release the tiller (steer wheel).

Relax into not knowing – Arjuna Ardagh
We have to learn to relax the first impulse to react. We relax, and we wait. We relax into not knowing and we surrender.

Freedom and the Unknown – Adyashanti
Freedom is a state of complete and absolute insecurity and not knowing. Relax into the moment and let the universe do the driving.

The Five Precepts – Tibetan Buddhism
The Five Precepts (“Sila”) are followed by all the Tibetan Buddhist schools. The idea is to recite them regularly so that our lives become imbued with the qualities they represent.


You have no idea of who you are – Jed McKenna
There is no self to discover. You can’t know who you are. There is no true self to perceive -there is only false self and no-self.

What do we know for sure – Jed McKenna
The only truth is I Am – I Exist. Everything else is a concept.


Unknowing what is untrue – Jed McKenna
Untruth unrealization is the process of unknowing what is untrue, dismantling one’s fictional persona by peeling away the built-up layers of false identity.

Spiritual Autolysis – Jed McKenna
Awakening is the process of deprogramming. Trying to write something about who you are that you know for sure that is true. It’s a deconstruction process of all what is un-true.

What is the first step? – Jed McKenna
The first step is to go for the truth. Self inquire… what is true about who I am? Tear away layer after layer. Ask yourself what’s true until you know. Neti Neti. Think for yourself. Don’t follow.

The Golden Rule! – Think for yourself – Jed McKenna
Think for yourself. That’s the golden rule. That’s all you need to know to awaken. Sit down, and ask yourself what’s true until you know. That’s it.

Rephrasing Questions – Jed McKenna & U.G. Krishnamurti
The question itself is the obstacle to progress, not lack of an answer. The question is the key. Verify your assumptions underneath your questions

Honesty –  Jed McKenna
Its important to have a strong intention for truth. It just requires honesty. Sincerity refers to the importance of being rooted in the qualities of honesty, authenticity, and genuineness.

Kill the Buddha, Further and Makyo – Jed McKenna
It means further. Get up! You’re not there yet, keep moving. You think you’re there but you’re not. The Tao warns us to beware the flowery trappings of the path.

Identifying beliefs – Bashar
“What would I have to believe is true in order to react to this in a certain way?”

Let Fear be your guide – Bashar
Fear is there to tell you that you have a belief that is out of alignment with your natural state.


Consciousness is true, the content is false – Jed McKenna
Everything that exists within consciousness is a mirage. Consciousness is the screen on which all the pictures come and go.

Can we experience the world directly? – Jed McKenna
Consciousness is true, but the content of consciousness is not. I can never perceive the external world directly.


The fundamental conflict in the spiritual quest: ego can never achieve awakening – Jed McKenna
Self cannot achieve no-self. There is no enlightened being. There is no I to it. The result is not enlightened-self, it’s no-self.

Are you sure you want it? – Jed McKenna
Waking up is a pointless action. Looking at the falseness of your most treasured self and all you have created. Who would do such a thing?


Blues for the Buddha – Jed McKenna
The Buddha was just some guy who got serious and figure it out for himself, so maybe that’s his real teachings -that you can figure it out for yourself.

Monotheistic Religions – Jed McKenna
Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all about keeping God happy so he keeps us happy. Man has created God out of fear. What is Christianity but a protection trip.

Hold Nothing Sacred – Jed McKenna
Nothing is sacred, or holy or divine; only true or not true. All that you consider sacred and profound is against the process of awakening.

Tradition & the herd – Jed McKenna
Tradition is just a word for stuff you accept as true without verifying it for yourself. Tradition is the deeply rutted path that gets formed after many years of being followed by the herd.


There is no such thing as objective reality – Jed McKenna
Scientists put so much emphasis on reproducible results for experimental validation that they sometimes mistake non-reproducibility for non-validity.

Collapse of the Quantum Wave Function
Conscious observation materializes particles into existence.


The Vampire analogy – Jed McKenna
The misconception about mimicking enlightenment as a way of becoming enlightened can be seen everywhere. If you want to be an enlightened guy -the thinking goes- act like an enlightened guy.

Followers, Teachers and Gurus – Jed McKenna
Truth has no teaching, requires no guru, and is not a spiritual pursuit. The first rule in this business is that you are on your own.

Does it requires knowledge or outside authority? – Jed McKenna
Truth is about unknowing. No amount or combination of knowledge can bring about truth-realization because there is no leading to enlightenment. You are on your own.