This song was written by my friend Yopi Jay, inspired in Thick Nhat Hanh’s poem “Call me by my true names”.

You can find a recorded version in the following link: Call me by my true name, recorded in the Maha templo in the Sacred Valley, in April 2014 in a ceremony. Singing: Diego Palma and Eduardo Santana.

Capo IV

My joy is like spring so warm it makes flowers bloom all over the Earth
.     Am                                 C             G                                       Am

My pain is like a river of tears so vast that fills the four oceans (bis)
.       Am                                C            G                           Am

Please call me by my true names that I can hear my cries and laughters at once
.             C                        G                                    Dm                               Am

so I can feel that my joy and pain are one.
C              G                 Em                         Am

Please call me by my true names so that I can wake up
.             C                       G                            Dm                Am

and the doors of my heart will be left open.
.                 C                    G                 Em   Am

Am chord - sacredvalleytribe C chord - sacredvalleytribe G chord - sacredvalleytribe Dm chord - sacredvalleytribe