brianBrian Fullont
Drilling Engineer (USA)

My life was going nowhere, I was conscious of blockages and phobias impeding my progress towards becoming a better person who could contribute meaningfully to our world. I wanted to cast off my baggage and fears and be able live more in peace with myself and the world.

I think I approached the Ayahuasca ceremonies with a fair measure of determination and intent to get to the bottom of what was the cause of my troubles and i think i already had a fair idea of what was to come. Sure enough, my faults and inadequacies and vanities were paraded before me by Mother Ayahusca in so many different ways and I was shown myself as others had seen me. This was quite tough to take but our group was so supportive of each other and I finally was shown and given the feeling of true universal love for all and this made the whole trip worthwhile and has given me courage for the future.

It has been said that one Ayahuasca ceremony can achieve as much as 10 years of conventional therapy and even years of traditional meditational techniques … I absolutely concur with this viewpoint and already only a week after my experience I can sense a new purpose and direction in my life and my desire for alcohol has also been significantly reduced. I will be returning as soon as I can to continue my healing and cleansing.

The place used is absolutely first class … no pictures on the website do justice to the serenity, beauty, comfort and hospitality of Melissa Wasi. Diego and Milagros are the perfect hosts to a wonderfully spiritual experience whilst inviting us into their own family way of life which keeps the whole week grounded in the simple fundamentals of life.

I loved Pisac, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It was truly an inspiring locale, and the lodge was a wonderful “home” for the week there. The food, the trips to local spiritual sites, the Sunday market, the wonderful people of Peru, all added to the experience. The whole week was balanced beautifully towards the needs of our particular group.


gregGreg Ure
Student of Life (USA)

I was looking to gain some clarity in my life regarding direction, profession, spiritual practice and self confidence. I was also looking to gain some perspective on how my past has shaped me, how I might go about creating a better future for myself and those around me, and I wanted to learn more about the issues and behaviors in my life that had contributed to the depression and stagnancy that had characterized my life for so long and how to properly address and heal those issues.

What I experienced with ayahuasca was so tremendously positive and helpful that I cannot begin to convey my amazement or gratitude enough. It exceeded my expectations and helped me to gain a lot of clarity in my life, and especially about the nature of who I am as an individual. It helped me to own who I am and stop judging myself so much. While the ceremonies were not without their challenges, both physical and mental, overall it was one of the most therapeutic and spiritually aligning experiences of my life.

I believe that ayahuasca is a wonderful teacher. I think it is one of the best options we have as a global society to help to affect the changes in individuals that are necessary to help us grow into more spiritually aligned and compassionate people, while learning about ourselves and all of our imperfections so that we can integrate ourselves into a whole being, fully embracing our humanity, and moving away from denial, dishonesty and selfishness. However, I do think that ayahuasca should be taken only with an experienced shaman or facilitator whose intentions are pure and in the spirit of humility and gratitude and with respect to the sacred nature of the medicine. This is not a party drug by any stretch of the imagination.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who is open to fearlessly tackling his/her life issues, exploring his/her spirituality, or learning about him or herself. I would also recommend this medicine to anyone who is looking to heal from a physical or psychological illness such as addiction, cancer, etc. as so many of these illnesses have psychological or spiritual components that can be addressed using this medicine.

I couldn’t praise the setting enough. The Sacred Valley in Peru is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The property at Melissa-Wasi is well maintained, beautiful, safe and peaceful. The temple itself is a comfortable and positively charged space in which to experience this miraculous medicine.


megTeresa Ronen
Middle School Teacher (Canada)
My boyfriend and I attended the ayahuasca seminar out of curiosity and prior experience with the healing power of physchadelics.

Ayahuasca greatly helped me to deal with experiences that had been holding me back. She brought me face to face with realizations that I did not even realize were affecting my consciousness and forced me to make peace with them enabling me to live a more peaceful and grateful life.

I feel that the ayahuasca ceremony as it is conducted at these retreats is infinitely valuable in the exploration and of our interior master. She (ayahuasca) balances love with truth and responsibility with protection. I left the retreat feeling a much greater sense of control and intimacy with myself and all others around me. Daily contemplation of her messages has also been the key to continued learning.

I would recommend this experience to any individual that is open and ready for a deep look at their spiritual side. The seminars are held at a peaceful sanctuary that allows for optimum processing and reflection.

I would recommend that first timers be encouraged more to purge during their first journey. I do not think that I realized that purging was essential until my second ceremony and avoided it during the first. I would tell people that they “should” purge, not that they “might” purge.


douglasDouglass Ross
Earth traveler (UK)

My purpose for the retreat was self exploration and deepening my understanding of the universe and the way of nature. I wanted to go deep into my subconscious to places were meditation hasn´t been able to take me yet.

I have grown alot since the retreat and feel happy and grateful to exist in this human form in this world. I had such great expectations about ayahuasca and it surpassed them all. As time goes on i notice more things about myself that have developed since the retreat.

I have tried many techniques for cleansing and connecting and i think that Mother Ayahuasca is the most powerful technique, maybe it is not for everyone. But i think anyone who is genuine in their search would benifit profoundly from using this sacred plant. And i think that psychiatrists and psychologists have a lot to learn from her too.

I would recomend this to many friends who´s lives are dedicated to spiriual growth. Also to people who i know with physical and mental health problems who are stable enough and honest enough with themselves to cope with a session. I wouldn´t recomend it to anyone who is looking fr recreational pleasure.

I thought the place was perfect, a comfortable and nurturing environment with majestic mountains. I felt at home in my bedroom straight away, i could feel alot of love and thought has went into the setting.


sohanSohan Ko
Buddhist Sangha sister (Canada)
I have been to the Seminar in the jungle (Puerto Maldonado) in 2003. I feel very blessed to come back for this first Seminar in Pisaq. Being a Buddhist. I found this Seminar my best Dharma practice in lifetime. It’s deep and wonderful. It connects me to Buddha.

Thank you Mother Ayahuasca for healing me, in the way she brought me in the bardo realm, (the intermediate state between living and dying / waking and dreaming). Through the experience of dying, Ayahuasca taught me about death. Through knowing death, I know about life. She is the medicine to cure our blindness, remove our veils, so we can remember what life is, remember our ancestors and our root, remember how to be a good person with love and integrity, remember our connection to our mother earth, the father sky, the sun and the moon, all our brothers and sisters, the mountain gods and our great spirit. These understandings have been always within us, we just forgot them. In this deep connection, there’s no more judgments and prejudices, but only compassion.

The Seminar is also a profound practice for Buddhist Dharma. Thank you for Buddha’s protection. Our mind is changing all the time. Impermanence is the nature of all existences. We are all future Buddha, we just need to realize this. With the practices of six perfections: giving, discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom during the sessions, I understand much more about bodhichitta, and the heart of Bodhisattvas, (the great beings with compassion and loving kindness.) My heart was filled with respects. With the practices, our mind can be kept centered and balanced no matter how difficult the situation is. With control of our changing mind, we can receive enormous amount of freedom and strength. I also realized that this reality is just delusion like dream. things only exist because we think they do. If we can abide in the no-dual stillness and emptiness with full awareness and compassion, then the suffering and pain will no longer exist.

Ayahuasca is working so deeply to purify our negativities, the suffering she brought to me was a profound healing process. I just cannot avoid them because only through that process, I could be healed and return to the place where we belong, with complete calmness and unconditional love.


solveigSolveig Sonera
Biologist, Environmental Protection (Germany)

Before coming to the Seminar I was not entirely clear about Ayahuasca’s potential for insight and healing, because I had no prior experience with it or any other psychedelics. I was hoping it could be a way of letting go of negative emotions and reactions toward others and of having time to think and deal with my problems.
I was also curious to see if the controlled use of Ayahuasca could be used for therapy purposes.

The experience was beautiful and very useful. Specially the second Ayahuasca ceremony was quite a practice of letting go, meditating, patience and giving. It brought me completely back to my own center and in a beautiful and forceful way showed me complete calm/peace inside me, my own strength and love for others. It feels like a first very important and valuable step to me, but I think the learning process has not ended and the more difficult part is still ahead: to learn to apply the new understanding and insights to real life, my own life.

After this experience, the controlled use of Ayahuasca, in a safe setting and under the careful guidance of an experienced leader / Shaman, seems to be a very good and valuable tool of insight and healing. However as to my current understanding, I feel it is important to acknowledge that Ayahuasca can be a powerful medicine, but does require a lot of care and openness by those taking it, in particular to connect the experience with daily life. I am still considering if Ayahuasca has the risk of people relaying too much on its effect alone. I do think it serves for cleansing and reconnecting to our own inner master, which will help the process back at home.

I could recommend this experience to anyone wanting to work on themselves and ready for a possible difficult process; to those needing help / healing of past traumas or strength for their own soul and to help others / and all this in a loving and secure setting.

The Seminar location in the Andean mountains in Pisaq is a beautiful place for the Seminar, embedded in the life of the local and indigenous population and the “Ayahuasca-community” in Pisaq, making the Seminar not seem too far away from real life.

I found it really nice to have a lot of communal activities with you and your family participating – I feel it helped to create stronger connections, more and deeper trust, a community spirit and it showed me how to apply some of teachings in real life.

I believe the integration sessions are very important and good, and it helped me a lot to listen to and understand other people’s experiences during the sessions, also to get a better understanding of my own process. The integration sessions were probably as important as the session themselves, because it helped to put a partly unreal experience into the context of life. Sharing a room during the Seminar (and afterwards) was good for the same reason.


thomasThomas Cutchin
Wood Design Engeneer (USA)

I came originally to Diego Palma seeking a cure for my Parkinsons disease symptoms. I also was interested in exploring the psycho-spiritual connections between my illness and my spiritual path.

Although I have yet to be cured of my illness, Ayahuasca has mysteriously opened my heart to greater levels of joy, compassion, and peace. I have learned that there is a great holy purpose to my illness and I have been able to accept my condition as a blessing from God.

The controlled use of Ayahuasca in a sacred ceremonial context is a most potent and responsible method for connecting, purifying and realigning our inner selves. The result of all my nine ceremonies has always been a greater, purer, humbler, healthier, more loving sense of self as I have emotionally and spiritually connected to higher beings as well as to my inner being.

I would recommend participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony to anyone seeking inner vision and greater personal understanding of themselves.I would caution that a healthy gastro-intestional tract is a periquisite.

Mellissa-wasi is a safe, secure and inviting environment in which to step off into the heavenly realms often experienced with mother Ayah. The grounds are beautiful, the people are loving and the ceremonies are conducted with deep sincerity. I’m not sure it could be better.


martinMartin Jespersen
Webdesigner (Denmark)

First and foremost curiosity has brought me to the seminar. Reading other testimonials tell a lot about the deep transformative effect Ayahuasca can have on you. My life had been going in circles for a long time. This opportunity seemed like the right one to take.

Time will tell if I reached my purpose. My expectations have been more than met. I really didn’t know what to expect from going into this. I do feel that changes are already happening in my life.

As long as your motives are pure in the sense of exploring yourself, and being aware that you might not always like what you see, I think Ayahuasca is a great healer and teacher. It is most definitely medicine for the soul.

I would recommend this to everyone who is interested in knowing themselves deeply, or wants to see things from a different perspective. Anyone who is looking to change aspects of themselves would also benefit from this experience.

Pisaq is a wonderful place to have the retreats. The nature is so magnificent and there is much to see and experience. The life in and around Pisaq is full of opportunities to connect with people. The atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful.


Psychiatrist (New Zealand)

My principal purpose was spiritual curiosity. I wanted to gain a greater understanding of the mind and explore the internal world. I was also hoping to gain insights that might be helpful in my profession. Clinically, a wanted to get a sense of whether this might be a helpful medical treatment. Also, I was hoping to resolve some of my own issues and enhance my meditation practice.

Ayahuasca certainly help reach my purpose in unexpected ways. It is a very powerful medicine. You should be prepared for a very intense, personal experience.

First, I think that Ayahuasca should only be used in a controlled setting with someone who has a great understanding of the medicine. this is a very strong substance and it has a definite healing potential in the right context.

I don’t recommend it for people who are looking for a recreational thrill. I recommend it for people who are on a serious search and are prepared to face personal difficulties. If a person feels stuck or trapped and is prepared to open themselves, Ayahuasca is a powerful way to do that.

Also the place and the setting was beautiful. The trips we took to ruins, historical sites, villages and an orphanage all enhances the experience. This would have been an amazing experience even without the Ayahuasca.


ericEric Hoffmann
Attorney (USA) 

I had read about Ayahuasca a long time ago and wanted to see if it really possessed some of the remarkable abilities attributed to it. I hoped to gain a better understanding into a number of important familiar and personal relationships. I also wanted to re-examine my own commitment and relationship to Buddhism. To a lesser extent, I thought I might also consider what I am doing with my life right now, and whether I should tackle something different.

The experience of the three ceremonies seemed very profound and inexpressibly strange. A number of insights, which seemed valid then and now, came to me both during the official ceremony and afterwards. I did not feel that the visual effects were particularly meaningful in my case, with a few important exceptions, which could be described as highly symbolic and mostly static pictures instead of the colored, geometric, and dynamic patterns that one also often experiences.

First, I would say that Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug. Anyone who approaches it with that attitude will be disappointed. The ceremony itself can be intensely uncomfortable and draining at times. Nausea was also present frequently. What was surprising was how positive I felt the day afterwards in each case. I think all of us are very perceptive, but over time we filter and block or ignore the sensations that we pick up all the time. Ayahuasca seems to put you back in touch with those perceptions, and there is a tremendous sense of clarity when considering very complicated personal issues. This is extremely difficult to capture in words, but it is a real phenomenon nevertheless. There is an enormous sense of “that’s the answer!” when considering situations and people that otherwise seemed too complex to understand. How Ayahuasca accomplishes these things, I don’t know.

I would recommend this experience only to people who are open to the idea, specifically the possibility that Ayahuasca is different in some key respects than other plants/drugs that share the common feature of being able to produce colorful patterns and/or hallucinations. The Ayahuasca experience is not about the colorful patterns, which can become tiresome and annoying. The real benefit seems to lie in considering what is most important to you, whether that is family, friends, work, or any other aspiration or question that you carry inside.

About the place, it is a lovely setting. The sky at night is just stunning for any city dweller. This is a very special place. Pisac and the surrounding towns are very nice as well, and the people are very friendly towards tourists/guests.


clifClif Usher
Retired (USA)

My intent was to find my purpose for the next decade or so. I’ve been an executive for three decades, working long hours in a purposeful environment. Now, after three years of retirement, it is time to find out where my path will lead me.

I realized that until I learned how to surrender, my purpose was not going to be real. It could only be what my mind conjured up for me, and it might not be what my heart truly wanted.

I strongly believe Ayahuasca is a great medicine for finding one’s way in this world. The insights I received about surrender, love, God, my tribe, my own wild mind and much more will serve me for the rest of my life. Before this experience I was adrift, searching for answers in all the wrong places. Now I know what I need to do.

And, Diego was a true master at bring out the most and the best for each of us. I would not feel comfortable with anyone else leading the ceremony. The very real honor with which he holds the sacred space for such activity makes it work. Without that, I would not drink the medicine.

I loved Pisac, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It was truly an inspiring locale, and the lodge was a wonderful “home” for the week there. The food, the trips to local spiritual sites, the Sunday market, the wonderful people of Peru, all added to the experience.


adamAdam Kane
Shamanic practitioner (USA)

My initial purpose for attending the retreat was to deepen my existing relationships with the healing spirits and the spirit world. That purpose quickly expanded into seeking personal healing and to move through patterns that I have carried around for so long that I simply got used to them.

My connection to the healing spirits expanded and became much deeper. The spirit of Ayahuasca still stirs within me and visits me in the twilight times as I am drifting off to sleep. On the personal healing level, I can’t say enough. People that I haven’t seen for a while are crossing my path and saying “there is something very different about you”. My connections to people are deeper, less guarded, and more genuine. I even give better hugs now :-) I feel like for the first time in my life I truly understand what joy is.

The techniques and structure that you offer to work with Ayahuasca is amazing. I am truly humbled by the whole process. It was so much more than I ever could have hoped for and truly is more than I can put into words. The process was the most terrifying and most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life, and it left me a new person. I feel cleaner and more loving than ever before.

I’m going to recommend this retreat to my colleagues in the spirital healing field as well as several clients that may be ready for such a deep and transformative process. The place was Just magical. The setting of the Sacred Valley was an amazing background for these experiences to take place. Melissa Wasi is a beautiful space filled with laughter and a feeling of home.


andresTodd Pryor
Group Home Manager/Student

I have always been interested in psychedelic/ethnogenic substances and, recently, this interest had been molding into a strong pull spirituality in general. The purpose of going to partake in the sacred rituals of ayahuasca was to learn what spirituality really means for me personally. I wanted to get in touch with my true self and break down the barriers in my life that was preventing this. Having a better understanding of the inner workings of my psyche was also a huge draw for me in taking this journey.

During the retreat my purpose was reached and greatly surpassed. The sacred medicine opened my eyes, mind, and heart to what spirituality really means for me personally. It has allowed me to break down the walls that have been causing detriment in my life and be able to live my truth. I am utterly grateful for the experiences afforded me by ayahuasca and feel that they have changed my life forever. The medicine is still with me and is still teaching me in every moment of my life. I feel that the things afforded my by mother ayahuasca are a gift, that as long as I do the work, will always bring me joy and happiness.

I personally think that the controlled use of ayahuasca should be a prerequisite of being human. There are so many people on this earth that would be greatly helped if they could just open themselves enough to take on this experience. The “controlled” part is very important. Ayahuasca is not something once should go into blindly. The structure of this retreat was, for me, a definite necessity.

I will recommend this experience to anyone who is ready and has an understanding of what they are getting themselves into. It is perfect for anyone who just wants to get in touch the spiritual side of their nature and learn about themselves. The place is pure BEAUTY! A spiritual home for all those who have ever been there I am sure.