Upcoming Aya Ceremonies

Sun, Mar 12 – Lead by Jean Piel
Tue, Apr 11 – Lead by Jean Piel

Ceremony Cost

S/. 200 soles (aprox. US$ 60) per person.

The payment will be collected before the ceremony.

Please read carefully ALL the information on this page before contacting us.

We have an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Maha Templo on full moon dates. The exact dates are listed above on the right, please pick a date and Sign in (tab above) in order to make the reservation, and upon confirmation, we will give you further instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please let us to know if you are taking any kind of medication (especially antidepressant medication), so please notate when you sing in.

There is a waiting list so if you change your plans please send a mail or give us a call in order to give others the opportunity to participate.

We typically will have between 50 to 100 people (max. 110 people) in each Full Moon Ayahuasca ceremony, all coming from different paths from around the world.

The ceremonies are guided by several people that have  years of experience taking Ayahuasca and they are used to dealing with different situations that may arise in this type of ceremonies. One person leads the ceremony and is supported by other experienced assistants. All of this is in place, in order to provide a safe environment for you to have the best experience. We understand it is important for you to feel safe, especially if it is the first time you are taking ayahuasca and we do our best to provide such a space.

The ceremony will start at 9pm and will end around 5am. You are welcome to sleep at the temple until the morning.

We provide the basic necessities for the ceremony such as blankets for warmth and buckets for purging, but you are free to bring your personal items such as pillows, sleeping bags, etc.

We do, however, ask that you bring water and comfortable clothes (not noisy synthetic clothes) for the night and something to eat and share in the morning, if you wish.

  • Choose a date only from the schedule above.
  • If this is your first Ayahuasca ceremony with us, please write a brief explanation of your motivation to participate in the ceremony. Also, please indicate if you have previous experience with Ayahuasca.

The Full Moon Ayahuasca Ceremonies are held in the Maha Temple at Km marker 24 on the way Pisaq-San Salvador (approximately 7min by car from Pisaq)

From Cusco, it takes 40 minutes to get to Pisaq, either by taxi for S/. 60 soles, or the shared taxis “colectivo” (S/.6 soles) departing from Puputi street stations.

Once in the town of Pisaq,  get to Hospedaje Chaska Wasi (50 meters from the traffic light at the entrance of Pisaq, by the main bridge). Meeting time is at 6:30pm. Please do not arrive later than 7pm. From there, we will get a ride to the Maha Temple, 5 minutes from Pisaq.

Please let us know if you need transportation to the temple when you sign in. The transportation to the temple is paid for but the transportation back into town is not. There will be taxies there although you will have to pay the fair, which is 4 soles. If you need special arrangements for transportation please let us know once you have arrived.


  • Please only have a light vegetarian lunch, and reduce excessive amounts of sugar, salt and ají “chilies” in preparation to receive the ayahuasca medicine.
  • Alcohol abstinence (48 hours prior to the ceremony).
  • Avoid eating meat and heavy food (24 hours prior to the ceremony).
  • Eat an early lunch, and NO FOOD after 3 p.m.
  • Come with warm comfortable clothes and your water.

Rentals & Accommodation

Check out our options for rentals & accommodation either at our location at La Pacha (next to the Maha Templo) or in Pisaq (retreat location).

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