Upcoming Aya Ceremonies

Fri, Mar 27 – lead by Diego Palma (Closed)
Sat, Apr 04 – Full Moon Ceremony – lead by Diego Palma
Mon, Apr 06 – lead by Diego Palma
Fri, Apr 10 – lead by Diego Palma

Ceremony Cost

S/. 180 soles (aprox. USD 60) per person.

The payment will be collected before the ceremony.

Please read carefully ALL the information on this page before contacting us.

We usually hold two Ayahuasca ceremonies per week at Ayahuasca-Wasi on Mondays and Fridays, unless we are holding an Ayahuasca retreat.

We post the exact dates of all confirmed Ayahuasca ceremonies two weeks in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience, but no reservations done before the postings are up will be held. So once you choose a date from the schedule above, please Sign in (tab above) in order to make the reservation, and upon confirmation, we will give you further instructions.

It is very important for us to know if you are taking any kind of medication (especially antidepressant medication), so please let us know when you sign in.

There is a waiting list so if you change your plans please send a mail or give us a call in order to give others the opportunity to participate.

We usually have between 15 to 30 people (max. 30 people) in each Ayahuasca ceremony, all traveling along different paths from around the world.

The ceremonies are lead by people with years of experience taking Ayahuasca and they are well versed in dealing with different situations that may arise within ceremony. Logistically, one person leads the ceremony, while other experienced assistants support the participants, in order to provide a safe environment for you to go through the experience with peace of mind. We know it is important for you to feel safe, especially if this is the first time you are taking Ayahuasca and so we do our best to provide such a space.

We ask you to arrive here at 7pm, and no later than 7.30pm. It is ok to arrive earlier, or leave your belongings here if you wish to explore Pisaq or the surrounding areas. You can also use this time to meditate in the temple or in the gardens in order to prepare for your Ayahuasca ceremony.

After getting to know the other people journeying, the guidelines for the ceremony will be given, and the ceremony will start. The ceremony will start at 9pm and will end around 3am. You are welcome to sleep at the temple until the morning. We can also help you arrange transportation after the ceremony, if you need, so just let us know when you come.

We provide the basic necessities for the Ayahuasca ceremony, such as blankets, buckets, and cushions. However, we do ask that you bring water and comfortable clothes for the night and, if you wish, something to eat in the morning. (fruit is recommended).

  • Choose a date only from the schedule above.
  • If this is your first Ayahuasca ceremony with us, please write a brief explanation of your motivation to participate in the ceremony. Also, please indicate if you have previous experience with Ayahuasca.

Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in a comfortable and enclosed temple just 5 minutes from the town of Pisaq, at “Melissa-Wasi”.

From Cusco, it takes 40 minutes to get to Pisaq either by taxi for S/. 50 soles, or the shared taxis “colectivo” (S/.4 soles) from Puputi street stations.

Once in the town of Pisaq town tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the house “Melissa Wasi”. Almost every taxi driver in Pisaq knows “Diego Palma’s house”. The price for the taxi or motocar is around S/.4 soles from Pisaq to the house.

On the road to the Pisaq ruins, after passing the Hotel Royal Inca, when the road begins to turn to the left, turn right onto the unpaved road and follow the road for about 300m until you see the sign on the right for “Melissa Wasi”.


Before participating in your Ayahuasca ceremony:

  • We recommend a light vegetarian lunch, reducing excessive amounts of sugar, salt and ají “chilies” in preparation to receive the Ayahuasca brew into your system.
  • No Alcohol consumption 48 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Avoid eating meat and heavy food 24 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Eat an early lunch, and NO FOOD after 3 p.m.
  • Come with warm comfortable clothes and your water.


If you want to spend the night (before or after the ceremony) near our place, there are many options depending on your preferences. We have a couple of rooms for rent on site (please email milagros@ayahuasca-wasi.com for details), also next door is Melissa Wasi (melissa@melissa-wasi.com), and very close is El Molle. The rates of these accommodation options vary from $20 USD to $45 USD per night per person. For cheaper options, you can look in the town of Pisaq for Chaska Pisaq (chaskawasi@hotmail.es) Hostal Inti, Apu Lingli, Willcamayo. For accommodation please follow the link provided and make direct contact with that establishment.

If you have specific questions about the Ayahuasca ceremony you can either write an email: milagros@ayahuasca-wasi.com or give us a call at Phone: 968-055619 (Milagros)