Many times we hold the belief that happiness is located in the future. I will be happy when I became a doctor, when I obtain that object, when I do that thing, when I achieve that result, when I reach enlightenment… in the future. Our goal oriented society again, influence us to facilitate that kind of thoughts and beliefs.

happyChogyam Trungpa pointed directly in the title of his book “The path is the goal.” The idea is to embrace happiness as a fully lived present moment rather than a future event, a future goal that is need to be attained in order to experience happiness. In this way we embrace spiritual practice not as a means to achieving a future goal but as a way to a more fully lived present moment. We choose to live making every moment an ongoing spiritual practice, with no prescribe goal. We choose to step off the hamster wheel of needing to attain anything at all.

 Jesus, Krishna, the Buddha and Lao Tzu tell us that the Way, the map that points the direction back home, lies within ourselves. But they also correct our misperception that there is a destination. They insist that there is no map, no home, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve, and nobody to become. They tell us that we are already home; that we are already One; that we already live in the Kingdom of God.

 Mahatma Gandhi wrote “You need not think of the world beyond. If we can do our duty here, the beyond will take care of itself.

The Indian Sage and poet Rumi wrote:

“All your Impatience comes from the push for gain of peace.
Let go of the effort and peace will arrive”

The Vietnamese teacher Thich Nhat Hanh wrote “In Buddhism ‘aimlessness’ (apranihita) is taught as a way to help the practitioner stop pursuing the future and return wholly to the present.  Life is a path. To practice walking meditation is to go without needing to arrive.”

 Eckhart Tolle pointed directly in this way: “Don’t seek for happiness. If you seek it, you won’t find it.”

By doing nothing everything is done.
He who conquers the world often does so by doing nothing.
When one is compelled to do something,
the world is already beyond his conquering.
– Tao saying –

Let yourself feel deeply the possibility of really resting in the center of your own being without the idea that there is anything more to get, to do, or to become. All is perfect as it is. This lucent reality, this living in the now with art and humor, returning continuously to here, and here, blessing each moment with a gift of creative presence.

 When you don’t require anything from the world,
and nothing from God -when you don’t desire anything,
when you don’t strive for anything,
when you don’t expect anything,
the divine will enter you,
unmasked and unexpected.
– Sri Nisargadatta –