Are you responsible for your feelings and actions?

We grow up in a society that is used to deny the responsibility of our actions. “You make me feel this way” or “I feel this because you…” are examples of a complete denial of responsibility.


Enlightenment and Translucence

It is important to fully understand the attribute of constant evolution ingrained in the concept of direction instead of being trapped in the idea of reaching a final destination.


Is happiness located in the future?

Many times we hold the belief that happiness is located in the future. I will be happy when I became a doctor, when I obtain that object, when I do that thing, when I achieve that result, when I reach enlightenment… in the future.

Unlock Your Mind 28

Transcending Subconscious Conditioning

If we can understand that enlightenment or translucence is the realizing and developing of our full true potential, our own expression of the unlimited, why are we not using our full potential?


Translucent Living Teachings

Several simple translucent teachings in flash presentations…


What is your motivation behind your choice?

Make choices motivated purely by our desire to contribute to life rather than out of fear, guilt, shame, duty, or obligation.Anything you give that isn’t for totally self fulfilling reasons, the other person will pay for.