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Approaching Power Plants

First we need to understand that Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote and other Sacred Power plants are “entheogens”, coined from Greek roots meaning “to realize the divine within.” The entheogens are different to drugs such as cocaine, heroin and speed since they are low in addiction potential and overdose risk, and are of very low organic toxicity.

ayahuasca-wasi11What is Ayahuasca?

This is a summary of the book “AYAHUASCA – La medicina del alma” (Ayahuasca – The medicine of the soul) published in the internet in July 2002.


AYAHUASCA – La medicina del alma

El Ayahuasca como medio natural y ancestral de contacto con lo sagrado es un legado invalorable de una cultura amazónica a punto de extinguirse. Es nuestro deber rescatarla e introducirla a la sociedad occidental como una alternativa viable para curar males psicosomáticos, toxicomanías y como terapia general para conectarnos con nuestro “maestro interior”.